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Yes, I know, this is what they calling the boring bit, but I thought that it was important to explain a little about the regulations to which we have to comply.

As soap makers it is incumbant upon us to make sure our products are safe for use. To this end, there are a number of steps we need to take. These steps are mandatory and yet there are soap makers who are ignoring the regulations and are trading illegally.

  • All our products must be assessed by a Chartered Chemist who will issue a Safety Assessment for each product. Since the regulations changed in July 2013 those safety assessments must now carry details of the toxicological data of each ingredient, and they set strict limits for certain ingredients such as essential oils.

  • We must have insurance. In order to get this insurance, we must be able to prove that our products carry Safety Assessments.

  • Finally, since Brexit, we have had to upload our products to a UK Cosmetic portal. The information on this Portal is available to Trading Standards, so it is easy for them to check to see if companies are complying and check the products in case of any reported issues.

Scent Trail is a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers. Condition of membership is valid insurance and evidence of a Safety Assessment. If you see the Guild Certificate on a soap stall you can be confident that they comply with the regulations. Not all  soap makers are members of the Guild of course, but if you are at all concerned, please ask the seller what steps they have taken to make sure that their products are being sold legally. Any soap maker who is complying with the regulations will be happy to set your mind at ease.