Scent Trail - for the love of scent.

Scent Trail Palm Oil Free Soap and Natural Skincare.

 Honey and Oat Soap


Scent Trail is a natural skincare company based in the Northwest of England. Our palm oil free handmade soap and body products are formulated to nourish your skin and make you feel beautiful. We use a high proportion of shea butter in our soaps, which also contain natural glycerine, produced during the soap making process.  You may find that by using a bar of handmade soap, you need far less moisturizer or handcream than you are used to.

Our body products are made using butters such as shea, and avocado with oils such as rice bran and avocado both of which are renowned for their skin care properties.

Where you see "parfum" in the list of ingredients, this is our carefully selected blend of essential oils. Unlike many companies, who use parfum to describe fragrance oils, we do use only essential oils in our products. We believe in complete transparency, so if you have any questions about our products, or ingredients please do not hesitate to ask.


Not tested on animals.

No parabens or SLS.

Handmade in the UK.

Made in small batches.


We are fully insured, all recipes carry a Safety Assessment and are registered in accordance with UK and EU legislation.





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