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New Balms

(November 16, 2013)

We recently decided to reformulate and repackage our Frankincense Balm and while we were at it, thought it would be a good idea to add a couple of fragrances.

From today, not only are you able to buy a balm fragranced with Frankincense which is believed to have rejuvanating properties, but we also have one fragranced with gorgeous Geranium and one with a blend of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils.

Many balms use beeswax, but we use olive wax which is not only a great beeswax substitute but also makes the balms suitable for vegans.

The reformulated recipe is now made with Rice Bran Oil, Olive Wax, Boabab Oil and Avocado Butter and are now sold in aluminium tins.


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