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New Soap

(August 26, 2013)

We hope that you are enjoying your summer and getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

There are some new soaps on the curing racks which we are very excited about.

First is a soap specially designed for the gardeners among you. Fragranced with a beautiful blend of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils, it also has nettle powder for a touch of colour, and poppy seeds for exfoliation. This blend is fast becoming a favourite in Scent Trail HQ.

We have also made a Bergamot and Green Tea soap which looks a bit like capuccino, dark underneath and lighter on top. Goodness knows if the next one will look the same.

Following hot on the heels of these two will be our first beer soap. We have been talking to a local artisan brewery who are happy for us to use their products in the soap and we are more than happy to support other local businesses.

Moving away from soap, we will shortly be launcing a lovely intensive hand treatment in a number of fragrances including the Lavender and Clary Sage blend we love so much. If you keep a close eye on the website and Facebook, you may also see a gift set for Gardener's coming soon.

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